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Other Sites to consider

There are very good Visual Basic sites on the net where you can find ideas, source code, and most of the time, the right solution for your problems - I mean Visual Basic problems; don't try to go further...

I've chosen the good sites; sites  that helped me during the last 2 years and that I suggest you check periodically. 

GD Software

You want high quality free software? Go to GDS and you will find great multimedia applications, VB source code and a very powerful set of Java Applets. This site is run by two Danish guys, Duplex and Gawaine, and they provide very good tools which are totally free. Give it a try!


A fantastic site from Randy Birch. He provides the enhanced functionality of the win32 api to intermediate and advanced visual basic developers. Randy is a member of the MVPS org and on his site you will find a large amount of really good articles and free source code. 


A very good site from Steve McMahon. This site has been running since 1998 and it has very good articles about subclassing, lots of tips and tricks and an excellent set of tools based on mscomctl32. Don't miss it !

vbCode Magician Very good as well. This site belongs to Kim Pedersen and has been running since 1999. He has very good ActiveX controls plus lots of Visual Basic examples. Everything is free.

FreeVBCode The good thing about this site is that it works as a really powerful search engine for VB. It has code from all around the world and you can easily find what you need.  

vb2TheMax Check this excellent site from Italy. The site is run by a team of Italian VB experts and you will probably know the site founder, Francesco Balena, who is editor of VBPJ in Italy and has written very good articles - some are available through MSDN. 

AllAPI Network The best way to get more of VB is by using API functions. Although VB includes a tool to build API declarations, there are many declarations that are not included in that tool. 'AllApi Network' is an excellent web page that provides an updated database of more than 600 API functions and their own API viewer.

VBWire VBWire contains Free information for the advanced Visual Basic developer. Established April, 1996, it is a site by a developer written for developers. A very good source of information that I always recommend.

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