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Last Update 24 May 2001











Returns or sets the type of scrollbars to be used within the viewport.


object.ScrollBarType [= value]

The ScrollBarType property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to a SmartViewport object.
value A value or constant that determines the type of scrollbar, as described in Settings.


The ScrollBarType property settings for SmartViewport are:

Constant Setting Description
svScrollBars 0 Use ScrollBars to scroll the viewport.
svButtons 1 Use Flat Buttons to scroll the viewport.

At design time, the default ScrollBarType for the SmartViewport is set to svScrollBars.


The ScrollBarType property can be changed at both design and run-time. Although the viewport behaviour will remain the same, we may sometimes want to have the look-and-feel of Microsoft Outlook listbar or the one that comes with new Windows 2000 scrolling windows. You can set ScrollBarType = svButtons to get this new style.

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