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ShowSmooth Property

Returns or sets a value that determines whether or not the picture and its background will be displayed using a smooth color.


object.ShowSmooth [= boolean]

The ShowSmooth property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to a SmartNetButton object.
boolean A boolean expression that specifies whether or not the the picture and its background will be smoothed.

At design time, the default ShowSmooth for the SmartNetButton is set to False.


When the mouse is outside the button area the picture and its background can be shown using a smooth color. You can get this effect by setting property ShowSmooth to True. You can also add this effect to the caption background by modifying property ShowCaptionSmooth. The Smooth version of both BackColor and CaptionBackColor can be obtained through properties BackColorSmooth and CaptionBackColorSmooth.

Picture and Background 
with a smooth color.


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