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Picture Property

Returns or sets a graphic to be displayed in the SmartNetButton.


object.Picture [= picture]

The Picture property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to a SmartNetButton object.
picture A string expression specifying a file containing a graphic, as described in Settings..


The settings for picture are:

Setting Description
(None) (Default) No picture.
(Bitmap, icon, metafile, GIF, JPEG) Specifies a graphic. You can load the graphic from the Properties window at design time. At run time, you can also set this property using the LoadPicture function on a bitmap, icon, or metafile.


I strongly recommend that you use always use icons with SmartNetButton. Although there are ways to dynamically set transparent areas in a bitmap, icons have transparent pixels as a default feature. Transparent pixels are a requirement when property ShowShadow is set to true.  


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