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Returns or sets the border style of the menu bar. This property is available only at design time.


object.BorderStyle [= value]

The BorderStyle property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to a SmartMenuXP object.
value A value or constant that determines the border style, as described in Settings.


The BorderStyle property settings for SmartMenuXP are:

Constant Setting Description
mxpNone 0 The object will have no border.
mxpSunken 1 The object will have a normal Sunken border (2 pixels width).
mxpSunkenOuter 2 The object will have a thin Sunken border (1 pixel width).
mxpRaised 3 The object will have a normal Raised border (2 pixels width).
mxpRaisedInner 4 The object will have a thin Raised border (1 pixel width).
mxpBump 5 The object will have a Bump border (2 pixels width).
mxpEtched 6 The object will have an Etched border (2 pixels width).

At design time, the default BorderStyle for the SmartMenuXP is set to mxpNone.


The BorderStyle property can be changed at design-time only. 

You can find below an example of some of the border styles:

 BorderStyle = mxpNone

 BorderStyle = mxpRaisedInner

 BorderStyle = mxpEtched



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