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Code Library

In this page you will find articles, source code and free components.

Because there is a strong use of subclassing, most components have a dependency on SmartSubclass.dll, a free library available on this page. To better understand how it works, I would encourage you to read the article  "Don't lose messages".

All controls and libraries have only been tested with VB6. If you find any bugs or you would like to discuss potential improvements, please feel free to contact me at  andres@vbsmart.com


OfficeXP new menus ?

Noticed the new menus available with OfficeXP and .NET? Take a look at this free control that will add XP style menus to your VB6 applications.


OfficeXP new flat buttons ?

Noticed the new flat buttons available on Office XP and .NET? Take a look at this free control that will mimic the XP button behaviour.


Do you have scrolling problems?

You can now use a scrolling viewport that also works as a pager. You will only have to place the viewport in your form, drop in as many controls as you want, and the viewport will pop-up scrollbars as soon as any contained control gets out of the client area.


You want to learn how to build a flat button?

Step-by-step, this article describes how to build a flat button using the API TrackMouseEvent rather than typical API SetCapture. You can also download a free flat button control that comes with a large set of properties. 


Trap the mouse!

An article that discusses how to use the new library 'SmartSubclass' to get rid of the DblClick mouse event. It is a good example of subclassing controls and it also explains in depth how mouse messages are delivered.


Don't lose messages!

With this library you will be able to subclass any control and get full access to its messages. The article also describes how to subclass a progressbar and make it have a gradient gauge.


Not happy with your edges?

You can now have up to 7 different border styles in all your controls. And just by calling a single function. You will see how you can modify a window border by subclassing message WM_NCPAINT.

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