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CurrentSkinPicture (Property)

It returns a stdPicture object containing a bit map with the image of the current skin. It is not available at design time and it is read only at run time.


Set var = object.CurrentSkinPicture

The CurrentSkinPicture property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression referencing to a vbSkinner object.
bit map A stdPicture object with the current skin.


This property returns a bit map that is the same that the user would get pressing the command button "Save to a file" in the Change Skin Dialog box.
If you want to save it to a file use SavePicture:

SavePicture Skinner1.CurrentSkinPicture, "C:\path\file.bmp"


See also: CurrentTitleBarBackColor (property)
CurrentTitleBarForeColor (property)


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