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AfterShowChangeSkinDialog (Event)

It occurs after showing the Change Skin Dialog box.


Private Sub vbSkinnerObject_AfterShowChangeSkinDialog (FormName As String, SkinWasChanged As Boolean, nSkinner As vbskpro.Skinner)


FormName: Name of the form where the event takes place. Data type: String
SkinWasChanged: Specifies if the skin was changed. Data type: Boolean
nSkinner: It has a reference to the Skinner object of the form where the event takes place. 


This event can be useful when it is needed some action(s) when the user changes the skin.
In the variable nSkinner is provided a reference to the Skinner object of the form, then its properties can be accessed.
Although the property ApplyTo is set to skAllForms and there is only on Skinner in one form, it is automatically added one Skinner object to every form, in the parameter nSkinner comes a reference to this object.


See also: BeforeShowChangeSkinDialog (event)


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